Five Things To Consider For An Environmentally Friendly Bathroom


Ditching your old water tank and switching to a tankless water heater could save you 20% of the energy you are currently using to heat water in the bathroom.


If you haven’t already made the switch to LED lightbulbs, then you need to do so now.

LED inbouwspots badkamer are a new type of LED recessed bathroom lighting and they will wow your guests, as well as provide a beautifully ambient light for chilling in.

Lights like inbouwspotjes LED will save you a considerable amount of energy – and money as well!

This is the good news about switching to LEDs such as LED insertion spots. Because they virtually pay for themselves immediately.

We know that with some of the suggestions on our list, you are being asked to make quite a large initial outlay, before seeing any kind of benefits.

This is not the case with the lighting.

All types of LEDs from badkamer LED inbouwspots to badkamer spotjes will start saving you energy – and money – as soon as you fit them.

Because they use up to 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs, these will immediately reduce your energy bills.

Older types of lighting, like the incandescent bulb which you may be replacing, actually only convert about 20% of their energy into light. The rest is lost as heat. This does not happen with the more energy efficient LEDs.

To save even more energy and also money, why not consider getting a dimmer switch as well.

You might not realise that LEDs can now work with a dimmer switch. LEDs haven’t always been so smoothly compatible with dimming mechanisms, but recently things have improved massively.

Now you can choose between dimbare LED spots inbouw badkamer or LED inbouwspots dimbaar badkamer which will all dim down beautifully, making your bath time an ambient and relaxing time, as well as of course, using far less electricity.


Using less water in the shower can be made easier by installing water efficient shower heads.

Yes, we know that you can do this by simply spending less time in the shower – but we also know that many of us like to luxuriate in the moment of relaxation.

With a low-flow shower, you can keep the longer showers that you love and still save water.

A normal shower head uses up to eight gallons of water every minute but a water efficient one can reduce this to 2.5 gallons.

As well as reducing the amount of water that is lost during your shower, a low-flow shower head will also reduce the amount of energy needed to heat it as well.

So, this is a double win for the environment and of course, your bank balance!


Did you know that your toilet uses more water than even your washing machine does?

The toilet utilises more than a quarter of the water in your whole home, so what better reason to swap to a low-flow eco toilet?

This can save literally gallons of water each time you flush – and if you are on a water meter, it could also save you money.


All those harsh chemicals, such as bleach and other cleaning agents can be bad for your health as well as the wider environment in general.

But did you know that you could replace them for something homemade and more natural?

Natural cleansers such as vinegar, tea tree oil and baking soda might be all that you need to properly purge your bathroom.